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HILO, Hawaii Island – Eight of nine Hawaii County Council races were decided in Saturday’s primary election, with lava-ravaged Puna getting two freshmen lawmakers expected to help implement what could become the largest disaster-related relief effort in state history. With two incumbents running unopposed and only a pair of candidates competing in each of four […]

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- Jason Armstrong

CAPTAIN COOK, Hawaii Island – One of the Big Island’s biggest exports also is one of its smallest. Shipments of honey bees – or more precisely just the vital queen bees – are literally flying off the island. Annual sales range from $8 million to $13 million, said Darcy Oishi, who runs the Hawaii Department […]

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KALAPANA, Hawaii Island – The last time the government tried to relocate displaced eruption victims it spent $4.6 million creating a community few wanted or could afford to inhabit. Nearly three decades later, lava raging from Kilauea volcano has again buried hundreds of homes, prompting state and county leaders to consider developing replacement neighborhoods where […]

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POHOIKI, Hawaii Island – For the first time in 25 years, geothermal energy in volcano country is not powering any Big Island homes or businesses – and seemingly no one has noticed. Electrical customers have not suffered a single blackout or been asked to conserve energy as a result of the Kilauea eruption having forced […]

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SOUTH POINT, Hawaii Island – The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands is moving forward with an  11,000-acre management plan to replace rutted dirt roads crisscrossing the 2.5-mile distance to popular Green Sands beach with a pedestrian path and emergency access road. That means visitors will have to walk instead of drive to a rare green sand […]

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Editor’s Note: This is the second of two columns about the Hawaii County Council races playing out in volcano country. Part 1 looked at Council District 4. The Big Island’s County Council District 5 stretches from the Keaau-Pahoa Road along the coast to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and up Volcano Highway to the edge of […]

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PUNA, Hawaii Island — As if volcano-stricken Puna doesn’t have enough drama already, it may have the two most intriguing County Council races on the island. Most of Puna lies in Hawaii County Districts 4 and 5. District 4 lies generally north of state Highway 130, the Keaau-Pahoa Road. District 5 lies south of that […]

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VOLCANO VILLAGE, Hawaii Island — The koae kea have not abandoned Halemaumau. The graceful white tropic birds have long nested in the cliffs around Kilauea’s summit caldera; they’re often seen soaring on the hot updrafts of the inner crater for no discernible reason but the sheer joy of it. They were still there Thursday when […]

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PAHOA, Hawaii Island — At a picnic table in a sprawling improvised complex of tarp shelters, Howard Konanui sat with new friends, wrapping plastic forks, knives and spoons in paper napkins. “I really can’t go home,” said Konanui, a silver-haired kupuna. “Instead of just staying at my son’s house and doing nothing, I felt I […]

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HILO, Hawaii Island — Rat lungworm in Hawaii has gotten a fair amount of publicity lately. The tiny worm can cause meningitis, paralysis, brain damage, blindness and an array of other illnesses in humans. The state had at least 18 confirmed cases of the disease in humans last year, and has had at least three […]

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