Kīlauea Update, Friday, September 7, 2018, Canʻt help myself
Of course I can help myself…at least thatʻs what Ma always said. You can figure it out [Note to Readers: I had polio at 4 years old. Left arm muʻumuʻu…no work]. Tie shoes with one hand? Yup. Cut fingernails? Yup. Drive Dadʻs Willyʻs stickshift at 12? Yup. Not that kind of helping myself… The thinking talking writing kind… Being inspired…which, I suppose, is a point of all this…

four feet since solstice
kawaiapapane wall
shadow slowly moves

Dwelling as sundial. Camping at Maniniʻōwali: where will the sun puka (emerge or appear)? As in hoʻopuka in hula…The Entrance.

At Kaluapele this morning, exhalations of māhu (steam and vapor) create heavy-bellied clouds over the pit. The abyss. That still incomprehensible place; those events we bore witness to…but still we wonder: How can?

The Wonder, above from Volcano House, early morning light.

And then, because I felt bad yesterday, just teasing with Ka Wai Mūkīkī, hereʻs the page 30 text, and Emersonʻs English translation:

And Kaliʻu is barely visible at upper right, wreathed in steamy mists, yesterday, at 8a.

I canʻt seem to keep looking at images of the puʻu at Fissure 8. Especially high resolution ones such as this from the HVO website, taken by drone. Layer upon layer. Boggles the mind to think that Hawaiʻi nei was built this way over eons, starting on the ocean floor…

Try Remember: Fissure 8 was born on May 6, 2018. Another image from HVO, one of many shown on the news on its birthday. Four Months Ago…is that all???

And, finally for today, I note in the news that The County is contemplating opening Pohoiki to The Public. And The State is contemplating the same for MacKenzie State Recreation Area. Gotta try… I wonder how long thatʻll take???

I believe that we are a resilient lot here on the Island of Hawaiʻi. At least many, if not most, are. Walking at the Golf Course last weekend, we ran into friends of my companion. Theyʻre from Oʻahu. They asked how we fared during the Lane Rains. We chuckled and said something like: Oh. We from here. Can handle… Then last night a dear friend on Oʻahu related a similar story. Sheʻs spent a lot of time in the Hilo area, and, as a neighbor approached her home on Oʻahu with Lane-board-up-windows plywood, she and cousin housemate declined his generous offer, saying something similar: We from Hilo…we can handle. We like watch!

And the morning puzzlement: How come the rush to buy bottled water??? Hurricanes or other storms get big rain! Put the bucket outside! Get a new trash can, or line an old one with a clean plastic bag! You folks forgot where our waters come from? The Sky…not COSTCO or Walmart… How quickly we forget.

Headed out for a walk…

As always, with aloha,


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