October 15, 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018, Now…where was I? Yes, indeed…Itʻs been two weeks since my last post?  Really?  Good thing I keep a paper calendar so I can remember whatʻs transpired during that time. Itʻs a bit of a challenge, trying to figure out how to proceed.  When we were in the throes of The Three Months (TTM), it seemed easy.  Wake up, coffee up, up stairs, power up, and typewrite.  Repeat Daily.  Now it seems that lives are resuming whatever … Read more

September 30, 2018

Sunny Sunday, September 30, 2018, The Heat, the Icky Ikiiki… Cannot help: ikiiki is “stifling heat and humidity”. And itʻs icky. Itʻs been this way for a week or more. Hilo has been fairly horrendous, mostly because I havenʻt made time to submerge in any number of icy waters along the Keaukaha shore. And I cannot, much as I try, remember such weather. Up here, Iʻve left windows open day and night, for a week, for the first time in … Read more

September 24, 2018

Monday, September 24, 2018: After the autumnal equinox, with a gentle Ipoprod Has it really been more than a week?  It was easy to stay in The Groove during all the works of Pelehonuamea and associates.  Fairly regular cycles, at least up here, of rocking and rolling, and wondering what next.  Now our collective guard is mostly down, though lurking in darkest recesses:  What if? But life has generally resumed its quotidian-ness (is there such a word?).  Daily tasks keeping us … Read more

September 7, 2018

Kīlauea Update, Friday, September 7, 2018, Canʻt help myself Of course I can help myself…at least thatʻs what Ma always said. You can figure it out [Note to Readers: I had polio at 4 years old. Left arm muʻumuʻu…no work]. Tie shoes with one hand? Yup. Cut fingernails? Yup. Drive Dadʻs Willyʻs stickshift at 12? Yup. Not that kind of helping myself… The thinking talking writing kind… Being inspired…which, I suppose, is a point of all this… four feet since … Read more

September 6, 2018

Kīlauea Update, Thursday, September 6, 2018. Transitions and Change Well…So much for schedules. It was so much easier to write when I felt I needed or should write to pass along messages, to provide updates and interpretations, waking up really early and posting almost daily…Now it seems that much of the anxiety may be gone (please note the carefully couched phrasing), and that, perhaps, we should proceed with our lives. But I canʻt seem to do that very enthusiastically. The … Read more

September 2, 2018

Kīlauea Update, Sunday, September 2, 2018. Hmmmmm. Have we learned anything? What a wonder! Brilliant clear blue skies, gentle winds, chilly crisp mornings, some very restful sleeps…everything seems back to normal. How spectacular! Is it? Normal? The County asks for $800 million to repave roads, build housing, etc etc etc. The Park will reopen sooner rather than later. Last date Iʻve heard for that is September 22. Am I the only one who wonders: Really??? I admire the certainty with … Read more

August 28, 2018

Kīlauea Update, Tuesday, August 28, 2018, Number One Hundred… Sunʻs out! I wonder if I might stop holding my breath. More rains? Will Pele continue to rest? What to do? The sensible, prudent thing, I suppose, is to live life to the fullest, as best we can. And so I shall. One Hundred. A hundred blogs…how did that happen? One settles into a groove, a pattern, and just keeps going…like the Energizer Bunny…apropos for a Rabbit Year guy. One thing … Read more

August 26, 2018

Kīlauea Update, Sunday, August 26, 2018. Remarkable times… Remarkable…”worthy of attention”…and something to remark or comment about… And we shake our collective heads, perhaps wondering “What next?”. During the past 4 months (May to August), not necessarily in order: ʻōlaʻi: small, medium, large, extra large 2.8, 3.5, 4.6, 5.0, 5.4, 5.6, 6.9…tens of thousands of all sizes; Pelehonuamea and her pele working in Keahialaka, Halekamahina, Kapoho, Pūʻālaʻa, Malama, Waiwelawela, Pohoiki…, adding 875 acres to the shore of Hawaiʻi nei, inundating … Read more

August 24, 2018

Kīlauea Update, Friday, August 24, 2018. BigRain LokuLane Thereʻs always something…but this seems to be an especially active season. Especially active. And we manage, enjoy, cope, are grateful, and wonder at the wonder of it all. loku nvi. Downpour of rain; blowing of wind; to pour, of rain; to blow, as a gale; torrential. Fig., to feel deep emotion, pain, sorrow; to weep profusely; intense. Also noku. Ka ua loku, the pouring rain. Ke aloha loku i ka puʻuwai, love … Read more

August 22, 2018

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 Kīlauea Update, Wednesday, August 22, 2018, meet Hiʻiakalūʻōniu Yup. Late. The best laid plans, etc. Then life, other commitments, etc., sometimes get in the way. Itʻs been another EARLY morning. Woke at 250 or so. Mind a-whirr. And it didnʻt want to be stilled. Darkness. Still. Quiet. Except for that coqui in the distance. Before we get to the headline, here is something to consider, again…those words: Pause, lull, rest, and…pau. You pau? Wen you goinʻ … Read more

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