Recovery – The Plan?

The following is a recording of the Aug 8th, 2018 Hawaii County Governmental Relations and Economic Development meeting:

(above audio file [96MB] will stream better and is smaller than the [750MB] video at bottom) download

(Click on the picture of outgoing Councilperson Jennifer Ruggles to hear a 16-minute clip from this meeting. Ms. Ruggles seemed to ask questions more pertinent to Puna citizens’ actual needs.)

Specifically, the Hawaii County Council requested “discussion with the administration to provide an update on the eruption recovery efforts and a proposed legislative package”.

In other words: “What’s the plan?”

Many of us Puna residents would like to see this inevitable profound destruction yield an actual positive resource. As sustainable farmers the world over can tell you, conditions initially thought to be mostly negative can actually yield very positive effects, given a creative and locally appropriate reworking. Could a portion of 550 million dollars finance an innovative public works project to transform available land in Puna into a veritable, and tourist-friendly, oasis of local sufficiency and organization?

You may not have to watch all of the nearly 2 1/2 hours of this meeting to draw your own conclusions of “the plan” at this point. The status quo approach, to hire experts to make a study and then form another agency, just isn’t going to cut it. And no, I don’t claim to have a particular plan either. However, I’m pretty sure a plan worthy of addressing East Hawaii’s predicament is going to require more participatory and specific discussion than this:

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