Employment Opportunities

Those who heard the August 8 Hawaii County Council recovery plan meeting will remember that the planners stated that when “the spreadsheet” arrives many of the details, then unknown, will also be revealed. Today the great spreadsheet has indeed surfaced. Perhaps the file name of this spreadsheet which exists on Google Drive can serve as a better introduction than I might cobble together:

$680 Mill County Ask Sources_Uses Cashflow

Ground-shaking and eruptive fissures in East Hawaii? Those are pretty dramatic events, but I can more or less get my head around them. Earth quaking, lava spewing, and vog stinking? My senses give me a pretty good baseline with which to react, take action and the rest.

But, the county’s $680 million dollar “ask” of taxpayer money — to respond and recover from this natural disaster? …That one requires spending time with it just to figure out what “it” actually is.

The question that naturally comes up is: “Who’s doing what and for whom?”

In a previous post I had mentioned that, “The status quo approach, to hire experts to make a study and then form another agency, just isn’t going to cut it”.

Well, it turns out that Hawaii law more or less mandates that a redevelopment agency is part of the deal. (Admittedly, I’d make a poor bureaucrat.) So it seems that a look at the Ask’s (spreadsheet) section that addresses the forthcoming redevelopment agency’s budget is as good of a start as any:

Salaries and Wages for redevelopment agency: $8,580,000.
This is to say that, apparently for the next 8 years, the following new employees are hired:

(amount given is yearly salary)

Consultants – $200,000 (unclear on this money’s allocation)
1 Sr Team Manager – $130,000
4 Plan Reviewers – $131,000
2 Project Managers – $110,000
1 Senior Acct – $110,000
2 Case Workers – $100,000
2 Case Workers – $80,000
2 Acct Clerks – $60,000
2 Admin Assistants – $40,000
1 Internet Technician – $40,000

Throw in $100,000 for “phones, copiers, and computers”, $2,000 month for “office rent” and this brings us to the end of this 9 million dollars (1.3%) of The Plan.

We’ll explore more later. I’ve got to go plan my dinner. (…It’s gonna cost $4,200… nah.)

Employment opportunities anyone?

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