DRC violence halts public health efforts against Ebola
All vaccination and awareness efforts were suspended. more

Elon Musk says Boring Company's first tunnel to open in December
The tunnel in Los Angeles, previewed earlier this year, is set to open on Dec. 10. more

Merkel backs freezing arms sales to Saudi Arabia
She said they "can’t take place in the situation we’re currently in." more

Trump's magic math on jobs from the Saudi arms deal
Over the last few months, he's claimed the deal has generated anywhere from 40,000 to one million jobs. more

Fed up: Jerome Powell's rough road
Trump feels the only way to get his message to Powell is by bashing him in the media. more

Axios Sneak Peek
Jonathan Swan, one of the best-sourced White House reporters, takes you behind the curtain of Trumpworld. Sunday evenings more

The White House's next steps on opioids
Kellyanne Conway said the administration is "trying to bend the curve in the right direction." more

Donald Trump is all in on his trade war with China
Trump has no plans to back off from his trade war. He's all in. more

Thousands of Honduran immigrants in caravan cross into Mexico
Trump tweeted this afternoon: "Full efforts are being made to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens from crossing our Souther Border." more

Khashoggi affair a chance to reset Congress's foreign policy oversight
Hearings should be held to review policy — and to correct course where necessary. more

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