What they're saying: GOP shrugs off Trump's place in Cohen guilty plea
"Jesus loves [Michael Cohen], but everybody else thinks he's an idiot." more

The collision of cybersecurity and policy, and why it matters, by Joe Uchill. Tuesday and Thursday mornings more

Live updates: Lawmakers press Google CEO on search giant's dominance
Pichai is finally testifying before Congress. more

Senate will vote on criminal justice reform bill this month
Mitch McConnell has previously said he would only bring the bill to the floor if it had the votes to pass. more

Steph Curry pitches Palm's mini-smartphone
"You're not missing anything, but you're not consumed by that big old screen." more

Ina Fried, our expert on tech, illuminates the news shaping Silicon Valley and tech products. Weekday mornings more

California is dominating other states in electric vehicle adoption
California had 8.64 plug-in vehicle registrations per 1,000 last year. more

By the numbers: India's massive digital market
The country has nearly 500 million internet users and roughly 530 million smartphone users. more

Plaid raises $250 million, now valued at $2.65 billion
That's around a 10x valuation bump from where Plaid last raised in 2016. more

A tweaked "Green New Deal" gains new House backer
Rep. Jim McGovern, a senior Democrat, has thrown his support behind the idea. more

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