Thursday, August 9, 2018
Kīlauea Update, Thursday, August 9, 2018, Briefly, then…
A few notes before getting started…

Iʻll be away from my desk much of the weekend attending to domestica, and having a bit of fun. Will be here briefly tomorrow morning, then again on Tuesday the 14th.

If you live in Hawaiʻi: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!! Actually, please, just vote once.

No Vote..No Grumble…

Friend Sig Zane has a benefit for ʻohana in Puna:

Keahialaka shirt (Nice!)

Keahialaka Tee

GoKōkua! And no shame wear bright colors…


peach cirrus blue sky

quiet in the aftercalm
still we await…what?

Things volcanic seem to be oia mau nō this morning…as usual. Pelehonuamea bubbles and gurgles quietly in Keahialaka, the earth is quiet, skies clear, life, at the moment, is good.

The walls of the puʻu

THATʻS what we await: an ʻōlaʻi…at 651a, a kinda gentle rocker. Perhaps itʻll show up online before I post this.

Nothing like a little LIVE…From Volcano…commentary…

ummm The walls of the puʻu in places are red: tephra (cinder, spatter, reticulite…pele that falls from the sky) is oxidized (like rusty iron) because prolonged heat and exposure to gases, rains, steams, etc., turn the iron in the pele red.

The spillway at the bottom was active May 27 to August 4, 2018, though Fissure 8 was born at 2320hrs (1120p) on May 6, 2018.

Below, a photo by Marco Garcia of AP, fuming cracks in Leilani Estates, At the Beginning…

Here at Kaluapele this morning, pretty gorgeous…steamy in brisk cool air and high humidity. Those peach cirrus too…

And the Tilt is tilting…seems to be inflating a bit, though keep in mind the scales on the “Y” axes, the vertical lines, sometimes change in scale to accommodate rapidity (or slowness) of inflation or deflation.

Gotta run, and the ʻōlaʻi hasnʻt been posted yet, but this just in from CD:

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reports a local earthquake on the south flank of Kilauea has occurred at 6:51 am. The earthquake had a reported magnitude of 4.3.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reports there is no tsunami threat to the island of Hawai`i.
Again, there is NO Tsunami Threat to the island of Hawaii.

Till tomorrow…

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