Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Kīlauea Update, Wednesday, 080818, Slacking…
Nah…not slacking…But after yesterdays extravaganza, I needed a bit of a breather. That one took a LONG time to assemble. But here we are, mostly inspired by a photo sent me by MS. A WOW! if ever there was one. How clear! There are sometimes reasons to wait (and be patient) even if those reasons arenʻt always apparent.

Photo was taken by Jason Ozbolt (MAHALO!), yesterday, August 7, 2018 at 1145a.
And below is my annotated version. Dates are those of lava flows. And Iʻd almost swear I can see a bit of Haleakalā at the bottom of the left shoulder of Maunakea.

Itʻd be a sad day if Kīpukakī and Kīpukapuaulu were to be lost…Both areas are home to rare native species and are very special places indeed. As of 1p today, 3,205 acres have burned. Auē!

The photo looks like a big Cut and Paste scheme. Weʻll just put in this big grey collapsed thing and see what they say… Me? I am still pūʻiwa. That new pali on the “floor” of Kaluapele looks to be taller than Palikapuokamohoalii. Man! Oh…Kamohoaliʻi, a shark deity, is a brother of Pele. He guided the family on their waʻa (canoe) when they came up to Hawaiʻi from Kahiki.

And our ʻōlaʻi: 13 in the last day. I still feel a bit lonely, especially without the exploquakes. Itʻs almost (note the “almost”) too quiet.

Making our way to Puna ma kai…an Update from HVO yesterday at 106p, said that at Puʻuʻōʻō, measurements of SO2 were back down on Monday and Tuesday, from their 1,000+ tons/day measured last Friday. Good. And no lava was seen in the lua there.

But, at Keahialaka, Pelehonuamea continues her work. A small lake, and an equally small plume of uahi ʻawa were present yesterday.

And, the boat ramp at Pohoiki remains. And our breath is still bated…Never ever assume or take things for granted. Jusʻ gotta wait anʻ see…

And before I move on to other things in my life today, please note that friend SigZane has a fundraiser for ʻohana of Puna. Ola Keahialaka!!!

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