Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Kīlauea Update, Wednesday, August 22, 2018, meet Hiʻiakalūʻōniu

Yup. Late. The best laid plans, etc. Then life, other commitments, etc., sometimes get in the way. Itʻs been another EARLY morning. Woke at 250 or so. Mind a-whirr. And it didnʻt want to be stilled. Darkness. Still. Quiet. Except for that coqui in the distance.
Before we get to the headline, here is something to consider, again…those words: Pause, lull, rest, and…pau. You pau? Wen you goinʻ be pau? Almosʻ pau? Pay aʻready? Ha come not pau yet? A very useful word, “pau”…

Pau = finished, ended, through, terminated….Thereʻs a place in or near the Basque Pyrenees named Pau. I like go… Yes, and yet another tangent.

So if we understand the definitions of “pau”, the work of Pelehonuamea will likely never be pau. A better word might be hoʻomalolo…to rest, pause, to cease work for a time. Not to be confused with mālolo, those delightful flying fish. Supposed to be very tasty. We saw them…dredging up memories…maybe when we sailed from Hāna to Kahului on that sunnyWindy day, flying along on the canoe. Thatʻll work.

“Hoʻo” is a prefix that activates the following verb. Hoʻomalolo. Good word, and apropos, because, (in unison, please…) We Donʻt Know whatʻs to come.

Down at Keahialaka, F8 sputters and fumes. A little bit. Sometimes. And Mr Durginʻs cam intrigues…Faint orange glow on left, pixillated dawn at right. I think…532 this morning. We have to wait for Updates.

Spatter from jetting gases on Monday, August 20, the floor of F8. The pale grey is fresh spatter.

Then an HVO drone video on Friday, August 17, spectacular view into the crater of F8:

081718, Drone Video into F8

The hues of red are caused by tephra (cinder, spatter, reticulite, etc.) oxidizing (“rusting”) because of heat and gases. Very artful.


And now, for the headlines:

Superintendent Cindy Orlando has stated that the the Park may “re-open” on Saturday, September 22. That “reopening” will be extremely limited, and is, of course dependent on Pele being oia mau nō: As she is now. Itʻll be a long, careful, deliberate process. Stay tuned.

Now. Now we get to meet the newest elemental in our pantheon. Recall that during those 62 Magnitude-5.3-Equivalent-Energy-Released-No-Tsunami-Generated shakes, we went through a number of names, descriptive mostly, in an effort to make sense of what was happening. “Ōlaʻi. ʻŌlaʻi ʻami (hema or ʻakau), ʻŌlaʻi ʻōniu, ʻŌlaʻi ʻōniu pele, etc etc etc. Remember all that? Then I said Stop. Forget it. I take back the Oop.

And weʻve been thinking and talking. With the esteemed and beloved Pua Kanakaʻole Kanahele. She is one of my kumu, and a friend of 40+ years. She knows things. And based on what she and I each know, we collaborated. We believe that if a culture is to live and thrive, learning, thinking, and learning must continue and evolve. Always. And new ideas must be based on foundations previously built. I am not an expert on much of anything. I depend on good thinking, provocative conversation, and maybe too many questions so ideas can be developed. And yes, I talked with other good observers up here, and we all agreed, Yes…these are different. Really different. “These” being our 62 “exploquakes”. And if you werenʻt up here, you wouldnʻt have felt them. Just us…

An “elemental” is what some, or many, used to call a god or goddess. The Hawaiian ones. Or deity. Or…Madame???

Lū means, among other things, “to scatter, throw, as ashes”…”to shake”, and lots of other things. GoLook.

ʻŌniu, as weʻve hopefully learned by now, is short for ʻamiʻōniu “the figure-eight hula step; the revolving hips (ʻami) form an eight, with weight shifting…”

And A CAVEAT: As thinking and understandings advance, this document shall be edited and updated. And itʻs brief, because I wanted it to fit on one page. Comments and questions are, as always, welcome. And I may not have the answers, because I only know lillabit.

Please meet, and think about, Hiʻiakalūʻōniu:

As always, with aloha,

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